One of the most important benefits of a wedding photographer is the ability to meet incredible people. In the summer of 2016 I was lucky to meet a wonderful couple from Kyiv. Valery and Anna are extraordinary people with exquisite taste and excellent sense of humor. The positive that rays this couple has made me taking photos of the wedding for pleasure, not just a job. Emotional and good morning gatherings of newlyweds passed in an extraordinary apartment in Lviv, similar to a museum. Next - a wedding, a photo tour of the streets of ancient Lviv, a photo shoot in the Italian courtyard and on the roof of the House Legends. In the final of the evening there was an unusual festive dinner - a wedding in the Atlas Café on the Market Square. Extremely breathtaking and sincere atmosphere with candles and sincere toasts that get into the depths of the soul, fabulous three dances - with the father, mother and dance of the newlyweds: all this day was very special and hearty! Thank you for allowing me to feel being a part of this important event. Thanks for the comfort, because being on this wedding was very nice, and there was no willing to go.