About me

  Photography - is a chance to stop the moment and save it for all life. In the world, where are so many unsteady things, memories have special meanings for everyone. Photographer's task - is to represent them extremely correctly, to reproduce not only the beauty of everything that take place, but also to catch and manage to fix the feelings and spirits in the shot.
  As for me, it is extremely important to catch the genuine emotions, but not to do only a couple of staged photos. That's why I shot not only the wedding walks and ceremonies, but also work in the genre of reportage wedding photography. Your celebration of love - is unique day, and every moment of this day is unforgettable and noteworthy. Reportage photography enable to save maximum of memories and to create the saturated and complete photohistory.
  I am convinced that the good photos are the result of productive cooperation between the models and the photographer. Afterwards I always appeal to lovers to behave naturally: don't be ashamed of their feelings and don't be afraid of being childlike easy, enterprising and the most important - to smile! Too much conditions? You may be sure, when you enjoy the moment, all that things happen by themselves, without any efforts.
  No matter how the brightest were the most important events of our lives, the memories will eventually lose their saturation and gradually lose in the labyrinth of our minds. Don't miss the priceless moments, when you are really happy and beautiful - save them as the photos forever! With regard to the moments that are important for you and with love to photography, Oleg Dobriansky.