Lviv is a special magic. The atmosphere of love and splendor of this city is worth to overcome the kilometers and even fly through the ocean to arrange a fairy wedding here. So did the couple from Canada Elvira and Sofian, with whom I had great pleasure to work. A wonderful morning the brides met at Rudolfo Hotel on the Armenian street, and later, during a wedding photo tour, they enjoyed the center of the city, Rynok Square, the Italian courtyard and other historical places with Lviv energy - so close to the enchanting couple. The beautiful, elegant, stylish wedding of Sofiyan and Elvira evokes an extremely pleasant memories. Wonderfully, when it is comfortable and simply on the wedding: despite the fact that most of the guests are foreigners, they all found a common language and really enjoyed the day's important for newlyweds!

Restaurant - "Chopin"

Organization - Maryana Kitsak's wedding agency