The joyous and romantic holiday of the extremely harmonious couple Inna and Oleksandr. It's nice to watch the mood changing: morning excitement at home and happy moment of newlyweds meeting, then - thoughtful and sincere photo session in the field, on the way to the main location of the holiday. The drive for celebrations in the hotel and restaurant complex "Try Bobry" in the village of Litovezh, near Novovolynsk, and then the atmosphere of all-encompassing love during a special evening marriage ceremony. To tell this story as it really was, the wonderful people helped - the honeymooners, friends, small sunshades - the smallest guests of the holiday - children! What is it about? Of course, that's about love. And yet - about support, one way to two, about tenderness and care.

Wedding organization - wedding agency "Tvoe Vesillia"

Wedding host - Dmytro Korneliuk

Music - Gunz Live Band

Video - Artformat

Wedding decor - Oasis Studio

Candy-bar - Kruti stoly