The world is full of fantastically beautiful places, however, going on the road, you never know what awesome things are waiting for you. A trip to Halstatt in company of an extremely emotional couple and the second-video operator, it was my first trip to Austria. Unforgettable, inspirational, addictive.
   2200 kilometers by car, 24989 steps on foot. The town of Halstatt emits a powerful vitality that gives power to overcome distances, induces to create, to wonder, to fall in love. We spent two days of four on the road. The town is literally clogged between rocks and lakes and is hard to reach for travelers. By the way, the land itself is the biggest problem of Halstatt: it's just not enough.

   The other two days - in the town - passed away instantly, although there are not many museums, theaters, restaurants, which are famous for the great Austrian cities. However, there is something for which it is worth overcoming the most difficult route: the primordial nature. Hallstatt's beauty is immense: you stop for a moment to view the landscape, and you lose a sense of time. Photos are able to convey only a fraction of this beauty, however, and it is priceless.