It is difficult to hand over the emotions that roar in you, when you shoot the relatives - friends of childhood! Being with them on the day of their wedding is a great joy. To take pictures of priceless moments for them is happiness and responsibility. Such thoughts of wedding photo session, dear to me Dmytro and Yaryna! Forefront the eyes runs a tape with memories, where we are small and carefree, until the moment when somehow suddenly became adults and independent. Surprisingly and joyously, this happy and bright turns of fate can not be cheerless. It was a charming and refined holiday! I saw you, my friends, happy, loving, gentle and so true. It was very gaily, so crazy and pleasantly. Never restrain from being yourself - you are beautiful!

Wedding decoration - Studio WHITE

Wedding host - Nazar Biychuk

Videography - Wedding Brothers

Music - Victoria Band