You can run a business, but you can work as a teacher in a city forgotten by the world. We all are very different in our views on life, career and happiness. However, it is worthwhile to love the path to our hearts - and here we are not so rocky, but surprisingly sensual and gentle. It was a great pleasure to watch and shoot as positive and bright Mariana and Dmytro broke the stereotypes about programmers, giving their sincere feelings on their most important day. The October cold did not stop this holiday - every minute of it is full of countless smiles, emotions, sincerity! A meeting at the Rudolfo Hotel in the heart of Lviv, set up a photo session in the Armenian courtyard and in the restaurant of Mons Pius, a solemn and bright wedding in the temple of the saints Olga and Elizabeth. And yet - many dances, real fun and one of the most touching evening ceremonies that had to be seen and taken! No less wonderful was the post-wedding photo session in Fontanka, near Odessa. The sea, the sand, the rocks - landscapes say for themselves, making this a special love story.

All those who made this day are a real team!

Wedding organization - Halyna Bun

Creative videography - Artformat Production

Live cover-band Franko band - live cover band

Host, who won't let to be bored - Dmytro Korneliuk!

Particular thanks for help - Taras Kovalchuk!